the world of socapri

Welcome to the World of SOCAPRI. Just off the coast of Naples, a great rock soars like a dream lost in the cobalt blue sea that surrounds it. The Island, known around the world for its beauty and charm, embodies an effortless lifestyle of sheer elegance, relaxation and bliss.
Enchanted from the beauty of this magical island, the SOCAPRI brand was born.

SOCAPRI is a lifestyle brand offering a full collection of men and women’s resort wear. Each unique piece embodies the essence of the island and the spirit of endless summer.  SOCAPRI not only offers a full assortment of classic resort wear, it has evolved to become a focused lifestyle brand of apparel worn the world over, bringing with it a spirit of haute Italian culture, dream-like allure and idyllic leisure.

SOCAPRI apparel is inspired by the most authentic Italian traditions and built on a foundation of artisanal craftsmanship passed down through generations. Each piece is hand-crafted using only the finest linens, silks, cottons and cashmeres. SOCAPRI creates resort collections that combine the most contemporary designs, offering a fresh take on timeless elegance.

SOCAPRI opened its first flagship in Capri, Italy in 2013. Two years later, after discovering the charm of Palm Beach, Florida opened its first boutique on Worth Avenue in 2015. The brand is now distributed to lifestyle consumers worldwide in elite resorts.

about us

As we all know, the Island of Capri’s beauty is out of this world.

The landscape perfection, its timeless charm and the island wonders have been some of the key elements which inspired SOCAPRI project.

We founded the brand to wear a “resort” collection for holidays, for women and men giving a total look with an exclusive style accustomed  to the island and also to complete it with accessories focused on attention to detail to complete the look. 

SOCAPRI resort collections aims to guarantee class and style to our clients, and at the same time, a freshness and wonderful feeling of an easy-chic lifestyle.

Carmine e Marino Cucinella


The SOCAPRI brand emerges from the essential elements that characterize the dolce vita, pleasure, relaxation and luxury, which can only be experienced on the Island of Capri.
The island is rich with culture and has become an epicenter of creative inspiration.

Anyone who has visited the Island of Capri, has experienced la dolce vita or “sweet life”.

Charm, hospitality, rusticity and glamour are just some of the emotions that the island imparts on its guest.

The colors of SOCAPRI are inspired by the picturesque rows of bougainvillea, bountiful lemons, unforgettable coral reds and the endless shades of blue of the ocean that surround the rocky shores of Capri.

SOCAPRI infuses its one-of-a-kind products with these essential elements of life on the island together with a sense of romance, intrigue and historic glamour.

All SOCAPRI products are hand-made in Italy and tailored to enjoy life.