What else do you want know why the SOCAPRI Clutch Bag and the "piennolo" tomato are together?

What else do you want know why the SOCAPRI Clutch Bag and the

What else do you want know why the SOCAPRI Clutch Bag and the "piennolo" tomato are together?

We are finally out of metropolitan chaos, from the frenzied pace, from the agenda populated by ever more appointments. 

Summer break has come. We go to Capri.

Suggestion, keep calm, Capri here we come!

And with the explosion of colors: the intense green of the vegetation with the pines that seem to dive into the sea that glistens with a heavenly beauty, and the bright sun that enhances the tones of everything on which it rests. No, there are no camera filters on our phones to make the captured images look particularly brilliant, Capri is so natural.

We can call it unique, for the sea, nature, light, life and culture! And the island's guests want to feel unique when they visit Capri. Unique and exclusive items as well as INCA, hand-woven clutch bag, designed by SOCAPRI with leather flap in poppy and white colors and leather crocodile!

INCA is a handbag that speaks of the summer, is the perfect combination of the casual style of those on the island and a refined design that takes shape with the use of valuable materials.

The midollin weave is a must have for the summer 2017, the leather flap gives versatility to the bag, the ultimate allure is inevitably romantic and easychic.

In this section, we love to give suggestions of various kinds and now we would like to suggest one of the possibilities to spend time on the island after the sea in the morning.

A good idea would be to have a most wonderful lunch at Grand Hotel Punta Tragara, one of the 5 star luxury hotels in Capri.

The restaurant at the hotel is called "Monzù" dialectal form from the French "Monsieur" by the names of the great chefs working for Neapolitan aristocratic families.

Conveniently located, the hotel offers an amazing 360 ° view. Faraglioni, Marina Piccola, the Rock of the Mermaids, in short it is a magical place for refinement and for the incredible location.

And it is here that you can savor an amazing lunch, which begins with a refined and genuine first, masterpiece of simplicity and taste ... spaghettoni with tomato from Campania and basil. Yes, let's talk about the famous little tomato, “the piennolo”, which can only be found in this beautiful and varied region.

In this unparalleled location, select a SOCAPRI look, complete it with INCA, makes any experience of incomparable exclusivity.

Later, at 6pm, an aperitif at Bar Tiberio in Piazzetta or a fresh lemonade at the barn at Belvedere di Capri.

Leisure time, relaxation, carefree and sensation of freedom make the day unrepeatable, unique, just like the places, the time, the look and the INCA.