How much is it a pinch of salt? Italians says "Quanto Basta" (QB).

How much is it a pinch of salt? Italians says

How much is it a pinch of salt? Italians says "Quanto Basta" (QB).

Baroque and minimal, two opposite styles by definition, extremes and distances except for the marked personality they communicate.

Often included in the "too" or "much" categories, they are the absolute expression of a concept that speaks of societal breaks that point to cultural and economic phenomena, the emblem of the successive decades. Everything speaks of them, fashion, design, furnishings, technology etc.

The barracks and the minimal are two points that delimit a segment interwoven by a whole balance, balance and creative balance. And that's exactly what we want to talk about!

Often, it tends to swap neutrality with banality, because it is assumed that it is not characterizing. Certainly, sometimes it may be true, but it is just as true that when neutrality meets creative creativity, the result is truly astonishing.

The middle of the exuding personality is the most attractive there may be, because they do not pass, indeed, destined to last. Making a trend  without pushing baroque or super essential is an ambitious challenge.

But we provide more concrete examples, transform an idea into the image and clearly make it in our beloved footwear range.

The category in this context, is the one that most of all transmits and contains the concept of "budget" are certainly the espadrillas.

In the espadrillas you can not exaggerate the main material is rope.
In espadrillas it is crucial to know the right mix of components, almost as if it were a sweet recipe. Do you mind when you come across the classic "add a pinch of salt" passage? And you wonder why after an irresistible lava flow of sugar, butter, eggs etc? It is likely to create strange crosses (highly disliked). Exactly like a sweet recipe, espadrillas also have very "doses". The rope has limits, but if you are aware of the same, you can get creative and relevant results.

2017 was the year of the beginning of the espadrillas revolution, with all kinds of platforms, with a platform that reproduces the heel, flat flat version with rhymed rope and embroidery directly sewn on it with uppers that use decorated canvas etc. We at SOCAPRI have designed the FREDA model, in majolica and striped print.

100% summer, with leather band on the heels, upper and ankle bandage in silk habutai.

Both versions with interchangeable bands are the emblem of refinement and style.