Fact: It’s perfect for IN & OUT & SEA. What will it be?

Fact: It’s perfect for IN & OUT & SEA. What will it be?

Fact: It’s perfect for IN & OUT & SEA. What will it be?

Retro character, contemporary design and comfort is all you need: this is the formula of Capri Tiberio Palace, a 5-star hotel in the heart of Capri.

In the perfect location, just minutes from the famous Piazzetta, the everlasting crossroads of the island, Capri Tiberio Palace stands out for its incredible  beauty.

You often hear that entering the Tiberio Palace Hotel is like arriving into another world.

The In & Out pool, for example, is perfect for an afternoon of relaxing  and an indispensable "sweet to do nothing" while admiring a naturalistic landscape that captures the 5 senses and celebrates perfection.

The Jackie Bar, located on the large rooftop terrace, is a meeting place in the hotel, where guests can enjoy an aperitif or cocktail at sunset.

But let's take a step back. We're on vacation, right? We are on an island where the rule is to enjoy life, right? And then, prepare ourselves for moments of pure joy, we do not need much, the only commitment is to choose a dress-code for our occasion.

The sun is very strong, the sun cream is ready and our only goal is to have a relaxing swim, and try the exhilaration of being in the pool with a sea view.

In this article we want to recommend a look for him,  swimwear with geometric motif and fashion touch with a colored pocket, perfectly matched with a fresh linen jersey polo. The long sleeve polo, makes the style not formal but easy-casual, the outfit moves away from beach style, characterizing his personality.

The goal is to achieve a balanced style as well as all the elements that surround us at Tiberius Capri Palace, different, mixed, but harmoniously interwoven 
with each other.

SOCAPRI brings its mission to its end: transform the magic spirit and the unique atmosphere of the island into clothing.