Do you feel tired to wear only solid colors?

Do you feel tired to wear only solid colors?

Do you feel tired to wear only solid colors?

If you look for different inspirations, you are in the right place because patterns can definitely make the difference and change your mood.

Patterns are able to add visual interest, dimension and texture to your outfit.

Stripes, for example, are very flexible, they need to be worn with solid colors, they are easy and adaptable.

From stripes, comes the squares and from squares comes the Prince of Wales pattern: a combination of alternating blocks of small and again half-size checks, perfect for multiple occasions, semi-formal and sophisticated. The Prince of Wales can be worn always: from business events to casual occasions.

Back to the squares, they mostly are seen in shirts, but what if on the bermuda? SOCAPRI experimented this, the result was awesome! Thanks to the finest linen used as well.

Then, there is the pochette family, striped or dotted, they are a great way to add more sophistication to the ensemble. It’s incredible how this small item can enhance the look and make an elegant impression for any occasion.

Anyway, it’s important to think and keep it simple.

Putting together an outfit with too many patterns is not wise, alternating it is with solid colors that will avoid to feel overwhelmed and will guarantee the best stylish appearance.

SOCAPRI. Tailored to enjoy life.